The private tuition courses are designed and custom tailored to suit your photography level. The courses are designed to help aspiring photographers get off on the right foot, whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level. Each course is structured in a way that will teach each individual on how to approach each photograph, how to recognise and take control of the different lighting conditions.

The courses will be taken at various locations of your choice, as well as recommendations by John Robinson. Each course will last one full day with regular refreshment breaks, which will also include a short review of the images captured.


Course contents
Heather In Bloom, Roseberry Topping

Camera settings.

The advantages of shooting in RAW.

Learn how to focus to gain maximum depth of field.

Learn how to improve your compositions.
Know when and how to use filters.
Take control of movement for dynamic images.

Take control of the dynamic range of any scene.

Location searching.
Learn how to read your cameras histogram.

How to capture the mood.
All questions will be answered and explained.



Tutor: John Robinson.

Date: Offered Year-Round.
Location: UK.

Levels: Beginner to Advanced.
Fee: £95 Per Day.

All courses will be taken with John Robinson. For booking information, please contact either John Robinson or Lesley Robinson by clicking the following link Contact us.