Born in County Durham in 1972. I studied at East Durham College to pursue a career in hairdressing, it never happened. I discovered photography, shooting anything and everything, weddings, portraiture and having a keen interest in chess, I photographed the kids at local chess events.


In 2006 my passion for the outdoors encouraged me to discover the local countryside, visiting North Yorkshire and Northumberland National Parks which provided excellent opportunities with their naturally wild surroundings, Castles and national heritage. It wasn’t until May 2007 when I became serious about landscape photography. Being mostly self-taught using resources such as books and the internet, putting what I had been learned into practise in the field. My work has now been published in many of the UK’s leading magazines, brochures and books. Recent publications include Practical Photography and Digital Photo magazines with work recently going on the front cover of Digital Photo. While devoted to landscape photography I still cover weddings, studio and events including commissioned work of which you can find more information throughout the pages on this website.


My interest in photography started at the young age of 14, I was handed a camera in a practical science class at school, and asked to take, develop and print a portrait other classroom pupils. The taking of the image went without much thought, the processing though was different, I recall the smell from mixing the chemicals and watching the image appear on paper at the bottom of the tray had me captivated. From that day till this I have always had an interest in photography only several years later it became a passion.


I bought my first camera aged 27 and practically lived in Jessop’s, the guys were patient and carried a wealth of knowledge for someone just starting out in photography. Armed with the information they had given me I set about taking images, I photographed people, places I visited, family and friends weddings and anything else I found interesting along the way. It wasn’t until the ‘young age’ of 33 that I started visiting interesting locations, particularly those with wild sweeping vistas. While I must admit that my first efforts at shooting landscapes involved visiting and shooting subjects from the past tripod indents left by my favourite photographers, naively thinking that was all that was required to come home with beautiful images like theirs. At first, upon viewing my images at home I was disappointed, my images looked flat and lacked any real impact, not losing heart, I used the internet in search of answers and after many late nights reading, (with a close eye on the clock so I didn’t miss sunrise), the penny dropped and my photography gradually improved each day.


The quality of light plays the single most important role in photography, in studios the lighting can be controlled and fine tuned whereas on location we rely on the elements. I learned how to be patient and anticipate the light which transformed my landscapes, giving me the confidence and encouragement to explore new locations and develop my own shooting style. Although my landscape images are carefully planned, often we have to react to changing conditions and capture fleeting moments that transform the land into something more unique and wondrous. My endeavour is to create images that convey the feelings and mood that emotionally inspired me, and bring those rare and unique moments to the viewer.