Print Detail

All prints are created using the latest technology giving the highest quality printing available to date. Digital Prints onto photographic paper produce stunning results and are created using RGB lasers to expose the image to photographic paper. This method can achieve outstanding results which are better than traditional photographic printing in terms of sharpness, colour saturation and contrast control. The printer laser exposure system does not pass through a lens, allowing it to achieve edge to edge sharpness that most other large format photographic output devices cannot match. All images are printed on either matt or gloss archival paper. The printer used is a Lightjet 5000 and can print at approx 4000dpi. Some of the benefits are listed below.


Extremely fine detail

The continuous tone resolution is equivalent to a 4000 dpi printer, finer than film grain, with no visible dots. No inkjet, dye sublimation or electrostatic printer can come close to this degree of detail.


Vast colour gamut and colour fidelity

36-Bit colour means that the Lightjet can reproduce 68 BILLION colours.


Image stability

The Lightjet prints onto archival quality photographic paper, producing sharp and rich colours that have longevity far beyond that of inks or dyes.


Edge to edge sharpness

The Lightjet’s RGB lasers expose the paper by travelling along a drum. This produces a print that is sharp and clear from edge to edge with no pixilation and with no density or focus fall off associated with conventional prints made through a lens.