All my images are captured on a digital camera in RAW format, this offers me more flexibility during manipulation. Before any manipulation is done, my images are backed up onto off-board hard drives, images are then evaluated, renamed and key worded. Keepers are then opened in Capture One, Adobe Camera Raw  or Capture NX for initial raw conversion. During this process I adjust white balance, curves, etc to bring the image as close to how I remembered the scene at the capture phase. The images are then opened in Photoshop to add some sparkle before being saved as a tiff file, with the image still open, it is converted to 8bit, resized, sharpened and converted to sRGB colour space before using Photoshop’s save for web feature for uploading to my website. Although I use many different methods for correcting my images, they all ultimately lead to the same goal and that is to achieve a final version that closely represents that of the actual scene and ready to print. The time taken on each image varies depending on the complexity and detail, it’s not unusual for some images to have days spent on them whereas others take only a few minutes to produce a stunning print.